4 Great Ways to Run Effective Virtual Meetings

4 Great Ways to Run Effective Virtual Meetings

Distance is no longer a barrier in holding meetings. Thanks to technology, we can connect to people from around the world in a quick and convenient way. Virtual meetings are an essential part of a business’s operations, so you need to learn the rules for holding an effective virtual meeting. Metro Offices, the top choice for meeting rooms in our area, explains more:

 Virtual Meetings

  1. Make Sure to Introduce Everyone: Introducing the people at the meeting to each other and giving a brief background on each person will help create team cohesion. You can also ask for updates since the last meeting to keep everyone on the same page. Remember to always be respectful and to be mentally present during the meeting. This means devoting your full attention to what’s happening.

  2. Keep People Engaged: It’s easier for people to not contribute and stay off the radar during a virtual meeting. You can prevent this from happening by encouraging each participant to share their ideas and to contribute to the discussion. Asking for their feedback will also help them feel more important, and it will engage them. Our meeting space can help you keep everyone engaged as well. It has all the equipment and supplies for clear and effective meetings.

  3. Use High-Quality Video: Video conferencing will help you get the most from your virtual meetings. Participants will be more likely to give their undivided attention, and nonverbal cues and body language will help facilitate clear communication. When video conferencing, it’s important to use the best technology possible for a seamless experience. Fortunately, all of our meeting spaces are equipped with high-speed internet connections and the latest video and audio technology.

  4. Follow the Plan: Lastly, you need a plan. Before the meeting, make sure to send the agenda, needed materials and information with the meeting participants. Ask the key people to prepare items for the meeting ahead of time, and keep them engaged. Make sure to tackle critical topics early, and document the decisions made during the meeting.

Our meeting rooms have complete enterprise-grade network infrastructure and all of the supplies you need to run effective virtual meetings. Our meeting room concierge will do everything to fully support your meeting needs, and thanks to flat screen monitors, high resolution projectors and high-quality speakers communication will be clear. Metro Offices has locations in many areas including Washington, DC. Call us at (703) 871-5208 to learn more about running virtual meetings.

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