4 Start-Up Trends Likely to Succeed in 2016

4 Start-Up Trends Likely to Succeed in 2016

Understanding the trends and planning for them beforehand can really help you succeed this New Year. This is a huge part of business, especially for start-ups, so they can get an edge over competitors. Trends are always changing, from technology to marketing and even consumer relations, so picking those that are likely to thrive is crucial.


In this article, Metro Offices, the top providers of video conferencing services in Washington, DC list four start-up trends that are most likely to succeed in 2016:

1. Business Sharing Model

With rising technology, the sharing economy is likely to surge greatly, placing more emphasis on a business’ social aspect. The advents of crowdfunding platforms now make it easier for budding entrepreneurs to get funding and transform their ideas into real entities. This offers huge potentials for start-up growth and expansion.

2. Content and Communication with Customers

Consumers have grown used to receiving curated and relevant info based on their purchasing preferences. This will continue to hold sway this year. This is because the two-way exchange between your start-up and customers is crucial to forming consumer loyalty. Allowing your customers to leave reviews and testimonials can help build a solid bond with existing and likely customers.

3. Business Focus will shift to Millennials

According to the Census Bureau, the largest group of individuals is people in their 20’s. Today, this group represents the major customers and wage earners. Start-ups need to embrace these millennials as the older generation approach their retirement years, causing a shift in cash flow and spending power.

4. Boom in Diversified Workspace Solutions

High rent has made a number of start-ups unable to operate. With virtual offices and other flexible workplace solutions, you can kick off your business with low real estate costs. This lets you focus on growing your office rather than spend time managing it. Metro Offices offers a variety of these packages in prestigious locations for your full comfort and functionality. We also offer training facilities, team spaces, and an IT help desk in Washington, DC.

We believe that your success is our success! Get your start-up rolling this year with any of our workplace packages. We offer flexible contract terms, no startup costs, and bespoke solutions. Give us a call today at (703) 871-5208 to learn more.


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