4 Ways to Deal with Employee Burnout

4 Ways to Deal with Employee Burnout

With a fast-paced work culture, there comes a time when employees will feel burnout. It could be because of the work itself, the demands of management, and other factors. Nevertheless, employee burnout is a challenge for every workplace. Apart from lowering productivity, it can also increase absenteeism and turnover rates.


These issues can’t be completely solved by a one- or two-day vacation. It can’t be remedied by more human resources intervention either. If you think your employees are getting burned out in your shared office space in DC, don’t ignore it. Here are four ways to deal with employee burnout:

  1. One of the most practical ways to avoid employee stress in the workplace is to make them feel like they belong. You can do this by acknowledging their work. According to Entrepreneur.com, 66% of employees who are recognized and rewarded for their great performance were completely happy with their jobs. Even a simple thank-you goes a long way. Keep in mind that both strong and average performers can use some appreciation.
  1. Just because “manager” is your job title doesn’t mean you should simply manage your employees. According to management guru Peter F. Drucker, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” There is a difference between effective management and effective leadership. If you want employees to grasp your company vision, inspire them with your leadership. Inspired employees are less likely to feel burned out.
  1. Every relationship needs proper communication. The same goes for employee-manager relations. If you’re aware that your employees are feeling burnout, set aside some time for talking. It helps employees feel you actually care about them, not just their work. Communicate better by identifying the problems or stressors in your company. Then develop an intervention plan from the information you’ve gathered.
  1. In relation to communicating, don’t forget to throw in pieces of advice. Be empathetic. You probably have a long list of things to do, but setting a little time aside for encouragement won’t hurt. Metro Offices provides workspace solutions complete with fantastic amenities. You can grab some coffee in the community cafe or member lounge of your office space in DC. Each of our 10 locations features a comfortable sitting room and cafe perfect for that much-needed employee-manager conversation.

Dealing with employee burnout doesn’t have to be tough. Given the right tools and guided by the right emotions, you’ll help resolve your employee issues in no time.

Community cafes and member lounges are only two of Metro Offices’ strong suits. If you want a place of work with inviting lounge areas, check out our office space solutions in DC, Virginia and Maryland. To get started, call us at (703) 871-5208 today.


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