5 Ways to Innovate Your Office Workflow – Paul Wharton Style

5 Ways to Innovate Your Office Workflow – Paul Wharton Style

Thank you to our Dupont Circle client Paul Wharton on this Instagram and blog post recently published on the Paul Wharton Style website. We love the energy Paul brings to our offices and are so glad he calls Metro Offices home.


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Hey Entrepreneurs! It’s time to renew your professional energy by aligning your business with a space that helps you thrive! The workspace gurus at Metro Offices create magnificent hubs of productivity throughout DC, MD and VA. The Dupont Circle location is home to Paul Wharton Style and many other companies and entrepreneurs. In this paulwhartonstyle.com feature, find pointers to create an office that maximizes your #workflow – just in case you haven’t found your dream office at Metro Offices yet, because they would do it all for you. April 1 marks Metro Office’s 30th Anniversary as a leading woman owned business and they’d love to show you a plan that would be ideal for your business. Whether you need Flex Desk, a plan that allows you to drop in and have access to an open desk in a shared space or maybe you need Meeting Rooms or Private Offices like my team and I or even a Virtual Membership with phone answering, the team at @metroffices is fully equipped to support your needs. For a tour of one of Metro’s DC, MD or VA locations call Jonas Owoeye at 202-261-3500 or e-mail jowoeye@metroffice.com and tell him Paul Wharton sent you for additional incentives.Check out “5 Ways to Innovate Your Office Work Flow“ by @artsyaidah on www.paulwhartonstyle.com and Metro Office’s info at www.metroffice.com. What are your business goals?! Let’s support each other! #MetroOffices #PaulWhartonStyle #DCOffices #CoWorking #CoWorkingSpace #PaulWharton #DreamOffice

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You can follow Paul on Instagram at @paulwhartonstyle or visit his website at https://paulwhartonstyle.com.  To learn more about the amazing people and services at any of the Metro Offices nine DC area locations, contact us today!




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