Five Features That Can Have a Huge Impact in Your Office

Five Features That Can Have a Huge Impact in Your Office

When you think of the characteristics that make a great workplace, chances are they are large scale: prime location; high-end furnishings and decor; walking distance to prime restaurants, bars and nightlife spots. But it’s important not to forget the ‘little’ things. What many may overlook at first glance could, in fact, mean the difference between a mediocre office setting and one that employees are happy to call their home-away-from-home during the work week. Below, we list our five must-have office features.

Comfortable seating

If you’re like most Americans, you spend an average of eight hours a day sitting. What does that mean? The need for regular exercise notwithstanding, it means the need for a comfortable chair for office workers cannot be overstated. You’ll want seats designed to properly support the sitting form. When you’re looking for private office space, be sure to check out the comfort and design of the chairs and other furnishings your employees will be using.


It may seem simplistic, but organization plays a key role in the smooth running of any business. For one thing, it’s good for you. In one study, those who kept tidy, clean homes were healthier and fitter than those who didn’t. Plus, an organized workplace is a more productive workplace.

What to do if you already have a messy space? Take time to really clean it up — and then stop future messes before they start. Piles of paper, folders, magazines, and the like don’t start out as piles; they grow in height every time you think you’ll just toss another item on your desk and ‘look at it later.’ Deal with paperwork now –(recycle or file it away) rather than letting it establish base camp next to your computer.

Natural lighting 

Though the link between exposure to natural light and elevated mood is becoming increasingly well-known, it’s surprising how many workplaces remain relatively dark or reliant on artificial lighting. That’s a pity, given that natural sunlight can also make people more alert. Look for space that is bright and has plenty of access to natural light.

Welcoming decor

Gone are the days of stuffy office furnishings, fake flower arrangements, and unnecessary clutter. Clutter is the enemy of productivity (see “Organization,” above). Look for office space with a sleek design that boosts productivity, calms the senses, and welcomes both employees and clients into your space.

Flex space 

These days, multi-use spaces in offices just make sense. They give individual workers an additional choice of work location (besides the desks where they sit day in and day out) and allow for group projects and brainstorming or working lunches. These spaces don’t have to be fancy; in fact, the more low-key and relaxed they are, the more at ease employees are likely to feel using them.

Modern workers are flexible workers, and their office spaces should reflex that. If you are looking for flex spaces, come see our amenity-filled locations in and around the District today! Then compare what it costs to run your own office with simply letting Metro Offices do the work for you.

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