A Guide to the Things That Make a Great Tyson’s Corner Office Space

A Guide to the Things That Make a Great Tyson’s Corner Office Space

It is the mark of a great company to have an equally great office space, a place where employees can look forward to spending hours on end doing what they love the most. In an edge city such as Tysons Corner, Virginia, it’s only natural for you to want your own office to stand out. To help you with your search for the perfect Tysons Corner office space, Forbes.com shares ten of the coolest and fun office spaces that any employee would dream to be in.

One of the traits shared by the companies that made it to the list is that they all veered away from the drab cubicle arrangement of the typical office. Human Healthy Vending, for example, has uniquely comfortable chairs in its reception area, while Autodesk inspires with its “architecturally interesting” arrangement. Edelman has a similar penchant for using interesting shapes, but it uses more bright colors and designs to give the space a homier feel; Groupon goes with white and different shades of green for its cool furniture, a fun sight for both customers and employees.

Another “cool” aspect is the addition of unusual elements to the normal office; these items are usually there to create a sense of fun to keep ideas flowing through employees’ heads. Social media giant Facebook, for example, has arcade-style video games, while file-sharing company Box goes back even further to childhood with actual swings in its office; if you’re in the mood for bowling, then Infosys is the company to be in, whereas if you prefer just sitting down and playing, you would enjoy Microsoft’s large touchscreen tablet table. Google, of course, wasn’t missing from the list, sporting slides employees can use to travel from floor to floor, and at the top of the list was Epic with New York subway-themed designs.

While these companies are huge, billion-dollar enterprises, this doesn’t mean that other businesses can’t have the same fun in their own offices. The office space itself is only half of what’s important, after all, with the other half being exactly what you do with the space that you get. Still, the first thing to do to get an awesome office is to get the right Tysons, VA office space, and for that you’ll need the help of a professional.

Choosing a location is very easy when you know where to ask advice from. You simply have to look for a company that has been providing innovative workplace solutions to companies for many years already. Metro Offices Innovative Workplace Solutions is one example of an expert you can turn to, with over 24 years of experience in the workplace industry.

You can never achieve the perfect workplace if you can’t get the right location. With the right assistance, though, it’s not impossible for you to create the best workplace for your employees. Who knows; maybe in the near future, your office will be the new “Google” for workplaces.


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