Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a Herndon, VA Office Space

Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a Herndon, VA Office Space

Industry newsIt’s rarely easy choosing a new office space for a business, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Herndon, Virginia; it is, after all, part of the Dulles Technology Corridor, which major defense and technology companies call home. When considering the possible mishaps that you could encounter when trying to find the right spot for your company, the last thing you want is to settle for an inadequate space. Fortunately, Lisa Girard of has a few points to ponder to help you snag the best Herndon, VA office space.

Girard shared a number of questions that responsible business owners ought to ask themselves when deciding to move their company to a new location. These questions tackle factors that involve both the present and future of a business, which means that they definitely need a great level of foresight. For example, growth is a very important consideration, and a certain degree of expansion should be expected while you are at the new location; from this, it is therefore not a good idea to tie yourself long-term to a certain office space that you expect to outgrow soon enough.

Physical location is also a big consideration of Girard’s question; you need to choose the right location for both employees and clients or risk losing them to the competition. Little things like good parking spots for everyone can make a good building simply because those can be what keep employees staying and customers coming back. Of course, cost is the most important factor—including rent, renovation, utilities, inspections, etc— and any business owner must always take care not to miss any of the hidden costs.

Fortunately, business owners don’t have to look for a new office all by themselves. As mentioned earlier, the process can be quite overwhelming, so having the advice of a professional is a big help. In the end, it’s your vision for the future of your business that will serve as a template for picking a new Herndon office space, which an expert can further advise you on.

How do you choose a workspace consultant/provider then? Experience is one of the primary things to look for, of course—at least a couple of decades in providing quality offices to clients. This is for you to make sure that your new space will be first-rate and that dealing with your provider won’t give you a huge headache. Finding a company with connections and alliances is also important, such as Metro Offices Innovative Workplace Solutions which is affiliated with groups such as the Alliance Business Centers Network and the Office Business Center Association International.

Choosing a new office space is a decision that would have important repercussions in many years to come, so it is important to choose wisely. Still, it’s an easy enough choice when you have foresight, expert advice, and the right resources.


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