A New Home for D.C. Government Contractors

A New Home for D.C. Government Contractors

For many DC government contractors, life is a rather transient thing, and being at work can often mean being on the move. Whether you’re on the road, or in need of temporary office space while living and working in the Washington D.C. area, Metro Offices has a solution that’s sure to keep you working at your highest level of productivity, without ever missing a beat. We offer D.C. government contractors access to the most exclusive addresses in town, reflecting positively upon both you and your work, along with the added advantage of being a temporary office space, ideal for those always on the move.

Life as a DC government contractor isn’t an easy one, as it often involves arriving in a strange city all alone, without many of the comforts of home. With Metro Offices at your side, you’ll have all those little extras that make you feel less like a visitor, and more like a part of the family. We offer not only some of the best office space in the Washington D.C. area, but a friendly and professional receptionist, on-site Starbucks Coffee, a fitness center, and even a guest office, highly suitable for meetings with out-of-town clients while you’re working in the city.

When it comes time to settle in and get to work, you’ll have the utmost faith in the safety and security of your new temporary office, one of the most important concerns for D.C. government contractors. While working from a hotel room or wi-fi connection in a lobby or coffee shop may be a convenient alternative for those that are in the city temporarily, choosing a virtual office environment hosted by Metro Offices takes those services to the next level, helping to keep your valuable data secure and confidential. Whether all your work is done remotely, or you need a physical office space to call your home base during your stay in the nation’s Capitol, your office is designed with security features that avoid any unwanted access to your work.

We utilize the most up-to-date technology when it comes to transmission of data over the internet, including Cisco firewalls, and free remote network monitoring. When you’re working on-site, you can feel secure through the use of private office space, or a shared office space only accessible through badge access, complete with your own private reception area. We also offer a comprehensive answering service and private mail sorting and delivery, minimizing the number of people who have access to any form of communication between you and another party while you’re on the premises.

Give yourself an added boost to your workspace, and instantly feel at home as a D.C. government contractor, when you choose to set up your office environment using Metro Offices. Whether you choose to work strictly from a virtual office, or you need access to the many amenities only a traditional office setting can offer, we have a reasonably-priced, secure, and efficient solution that’s perfect for you. Best of all, there’s no long-term lease to worry about, a huge bonus in a city like Washington D.C., known for an expensive and competitive real estate market.

For more information on DC government contractors, DC Meeting Rooms, Telework, Executive Office Spaces, FlexDesk and other cost-effective business solutions visit Metro Offices online at www.metroffice.com.

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Kathlene Buchanan is the president and founder of Metro Offices, one of the premiere, women-owned, executive office centers in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. With presence in 8 different locations throughout the capital area, Metro Offices offers a full range of innovative business solutions and advanced technologies to help businesses compete in today’s transitioning business environment. Buchanan has been in the industry since 1979, and Metro Offices has been operating since 1989 with locations in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

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