MD, Northern VA & DC Workplace on Demand: What’s in it for your business?

MD, Northern VA & DC Workplace on Demand: What’s in it for your business?

It’s being touted as the next big wave for outsourcing; Workplace on Demand sprovide companies of all sizes with the professional workspaces they need at a fixed costs and with flexible terms. Today’s business world is constantly changing, and companies, organizations and government agencies require the options and flexibility to keep up with the changes without falling behind.

Metro Offices has more than twenty years of experience designing and managing office centers for businesses, handling the details and behind-the-scenes tasks, making it easier for managers and staff to focus on other important duties.

Some of the tasks we direct for our Workplace on Demand clients include:

  • Bidding the construction contract
  • Managing the construction vendor
  • Escalating building permits
  • Bidding furniture fixtures
  • Awarding contract
  • Awarding communications contracts
  • Obtaining and maintaining leases and maintenance contracts for all office equipment copiers, postage, call answering systems, etc.
  • Designing LAN rooms
  • Supervising installation of furniture and fixtures
  • Implementing the communication equipment
  • Providing recruiter and staff office center with trained personnel (office manager, front desk/administrative staff, IT support)
  • Implementing Metro Offices’ policies and procedures used to provide the level of service required for turnkey serviced space
  • Assisting with the move-in of our client

Proven Success with Workplace on Demand

Metro Offices recently won a government contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs to build office centers to their specifications all around the country. Essentially, we use our expertise and infrastructure to design fully-operational office center facilities for the Federal government and then manage it for them in a turn/key hoteling arrangement.

The first location we provided to them was for 102 people, approximately 25,000 SF in a class “A” building in downtown DC. The space required a specific amount of private offices, cubicles, secure LAN rooms, meeting rooms, kitchen/cafe’s, bandwidth requirements, staff support requirements, mailrooms, storage rooms etc. Metro Offices delivered the space to them furnished and wired and met all of the specifications mentioned above.

The second location is located in Frederick, Maryland, and will accommodate 182 users on three floors in a brand new class “A” building. This facility will have 15 meeting rooms, equipped state-of-the-art audio visual equipment, training rooms, secure file spaces, secure access to space, a front desk team provided by us, multiple offices of specific sizes, multiple cubes, beautiful furniture and new design throughout provided by Metro Offices. We will deliver this space to them within 90 days and will have 182 people fully operational day one in their new offices.

It’s easy to see the benefits that Metro Offices’ Workplace on Demand solutions provide. If you are interested in learning more about how your business or agency can utilize these services, visit

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