Boost Your Business Meetings & Trainings with a DC Meeting Room

Boost Your Business Meetings & Trainings with a DC Meeting Room


More and more businesses are recognizing the benefits of telework, for both the company and the employees. There are times, however, when an in-person meeting is required, and your home just isn’t a suitable location for doing so. In such situations, having access to a DC meeting room without having to make reservations well in advance can be a lifesaver. There are a number of times when you may find yourself in need of the benefits of an on-demand meeting room.

If you are the owner of a home-based business, or are starting your own business, you may need to arrange meetings with existing clients. You may be trying to get your first big customer, and need to present a professional image on a shoestring budget.

Why a DC Meeting Room is a Smart Choice

A DC meeting room is fully equipped to help keep your important business private and confidential, yet allows you the ability to easily and conveniently handle a range of business needs, from face-to-face discussions, to long-distance conference calls.  All rooms can be equipped with the ability to conduct conference calls by audio using a Polycom speaker phone system, or video over the Internet through a wireless connection. All meeting rooms have access to on-site technical support personnel, should there be a problem, or if you just need a hand getting it all set up.

Of course, DC meeting rooms aren’t just for meetings; they’re also perfectly suited for holding training seminars, classes or conferences, and presentations. Reservations for a room can be made quickly and easily online, eliminating the need to drive to the building, or take an already busy assistant away from work to make the arrangements.

Choose a Fully Equipped DC Meeting Room

The rooms can be arranged to suit the event. For large events such as conferences or multi-day training sessions, you also have the aid of a support team to help those who have signed up to attend get registered, and into the correct rooms. Of course, any event is only as good as the technology that supports it, so you can customize your DC meeting room with a variety of aids, ranging from flip charts to LPR and high resolution projectors, to whiteboards.

Full-color copiers, printers, and scanners are available for putting together presentation and training information meant to be distributed to attendees, and Administrative Support is located on-site to answer any questions. Beverage or catering services can also be arranged for extended events, or you may choose to make use of the kitchen and lounge option, where attendees can enjoy coffee and bottled water.

Finally, DC meeting rooms can be adapted to host intimate gatherings, such as luncheons or informal, getting-acquainted receptions. With catering services and rooms available for a range of group sizes, hosting an event here will make a positive impression on customers, clients, or staff members.

Regardless of the reason, taking advantage of the many services available with a DC meeting room can be beneficial to your business, by helping to promote a successful professional image.

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