How Can You Benefit from DC Shared Office Space?

How Can You Benefit from DC Shared Office Space?

Times are changing and the best choice for DC office space is no longer a traditional office location. In the past, it was typical that entrepreneurs had two alternatives for their business location: home or an expensive traditional office space. In more recent times, DC executive suites became popular, giving businesses of every size the benefits of flexibility, administrative support, and a turnkey professional environment. The latest development in DC office space for rent is shared office space.

Like executive suites, shared office space gives a company a nearly instant business address. However, there is a core difference between these two types of office space.

Shared office space generally refers to excess space within an existing company’s building. If for some reason a business has extra space, it can recoup some of its expenses by sub-leasing that space to another business. Executive suites are managed businesses that divide large work spaces to lease as individual offices.

What are the benefits of using shared office space?

  • Shared office space creates a more efficient environment amongst members of the business.
  • Shared office space is less expensive than traditional office space.
    • No need to spend money at other office locations
    • Internet and phone costs are shared
    • Cost of receptionist or administrative assistant is shared
  • Shared office space allows you to rent out any part of your space from a desk to an office. This is a great option for start-up companies who are adding to their business frequently and need to increase space.
  • Shared office space provides all the amenities needed for business.

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