Adding Value to Office Locations

Adding Value to Office Locations

Your company’s location and environment are key factors in your business’ growth and success. If your business is located in a busy area with high foot traffic, you’ll enjoy many advantages including easy access for your employees, enhanced marketing opportunities, and plenty of options for entertaining potential clients.

Office Locations

La Colombe, known for their ethical and long-term trade with growers, opened their new cafe in Farragut Square last month. This is an excellent move, as Farragut Square attracts a busy daytime crowd and is surrounded by major hotels, international businesses, and numerous restaurants and retailers. Metro Offices, the premier provider of office space for rent, discusses how this addition can increase the value of offices in the area.

How Can It Add Value to Your Office Space?

Several elements affect your business’ success, and one of them is your office’s location. The addition of a respected establishment like La Colombe nearby can help improve the quality of your company as a workplace. Talented workers want to work in centrally located places that are near establishments and amenities. In addition, the central location grants you access to a better talent pool for hiring. Cafes and restaurants around the area provide places for your employees to go to for lunch. Its proximity to your office space means that less time will be spent in transit, increasing your workers’ efficiency.

What Other Factors Can Add Value?

You can also improve your office’s value internally. The need for flexible workspace solutions is an increasing trend, with employees becoming less satisfied with traditional layouts. We suggest investing in an office space where your employees are able to choose the space they need depending on their tasks and preferences on a given day.

Metro Offices can provide a selection of high-quality workspace for your business. Healthy workplaces have a significant impact on worker’s satisfaction and productivity, and can also help attract top talent. Addressing the needs that employees express can help you improve your office’s overall value.

We offer many quality office space solutions in prime locations. You can choose from our range of packages for a space that’s perfect for you and your business. We serve Arlington, VA, Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at (703) 871-5208 to learn more about our office spaces.

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