Arc Aspicio “Raises the Woof” at Our Farragut Center

Arc Aspicio “Raises the Woof” at Our Farragut Center

Congratulations to our client Arc Aspicio on a successful “Raise the Woof” event, held on the rooftop of our Farragut center. The recent fundraiser benefited the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, an organization that trains rescued dogs and partners them with firefighters and other first responders to find people buried alive in the wreckage of disasters. Arc Aspicio raises money for SDF as part of its Community Involvement initiative, and because the organization’s mission to train search-and-rescue dogs aligns with its homeland security focus.

“Raise the Woof” gave Arc Aspicio employees and friends the opportunity to socialize and have fun, while mingling with some of the beneficiaries of the fundraising – namely a search dog team that consists of firefighter Eric Darling of the Ridley Park Fire Department in Ridley Park, PA, and his canine, a Black Labrador named Ben. Eric and Ben have been deployed to five missing persons sites since they were paired in June 2010.

See highlights of the Arc Aspicio event here!

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