Time Management Hacks: How to Live Worry-Free Everyday

Time Management Hacks: How to Live Worry-Free Everyday

A lot of people think that as long as they work hard they are considered effective and efficient. However, multi-tasking or focusing too much on detail can actually be a waste of tremendous amounts of time – time which can be spent on other more important activities such as rest.

Time Management Hacks: How to Live Worry-Free Everyday | Metro Offices

If you are looking for ways to manage your time better, read on.

Do not multitask if it’s not necessary. Studies suggest that as the brain readjusts its focus on one object to another, it expends energy. If you are doing so much multitasking in your day, you can actually exhaust your brain and lose your focus eventually.

Set shorter time limits. A little bit of adrenaline is actually good, as it helps the body stay more focused. Nonetheless, do not set unrealistic times, because not being able to accomplish these might be a source of frustration.

Try to gain momentum first. When you enter your office at eight in the morning, give yourself a moment to adjust. Don’t bombard yourself with the most difficult tasks of the day. Start answering emails as some kind of a “warm-up” to set your body and mind before dealing with the more challenging tasks.

Break down major tasks. A big task can be achieved more easily if you break it down into actionable parts. List down all the necessary actions you need to accomplish a big goal. Delegate some parts if you need to.

Avoid overtime as much as possible. More hours do not equate to more productivity. Try to set a goal to finish tasks by the end of your shift. And most importantly, do not make it a habit to delay tasks so you can charge the company for extra hours. This will have an impact on your evaluation. It also reflects what kind of employee you are.

Prioritize. One task will always be more important or urgent than the other. Create a priority list so that you will immediately know which comes next. Jotting down notes is also helpful. If an idea comes up, write it down, so nothing slips off the cracks.

Delegate work. Doing all the work all by yourself is a recipe for disaster. If someone on the team can do the task better and faster than you, delegate so that you can focus on other things that need to be done.

Work when you are in the zone. There are just those days when you are not really in the zone even if you have a fancy office in a Class-A building such as FlexDesk in Farragut, Washington, DC. Take a few breaks and build you pace a bit. Don’t push yourself too hard and end up with more tasks to re-do.

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