Behind the Scenes Advantages of Our Reston Office Center Location

Behind the Scenes Advantages of Our Reston Office Center Location

Not long ago, if you were a business in the National Capitol region and you weren’t located in DC proper, it was probably not by choice. Times have changed. Now, having a location in Northern Virginia can be almost as sought after as having a District address, if not more so.

One of Metro Offices’ nine DC-area locations is in Reston, a highly sought-after spot in the area’s technology corridor. Our Reston office offers more than just proximity to the nation’s capital. Here, we lay out its top five behind-the-scenes advantages.


When the weather’s nice — or even when it isn’t if you’re feeling bold — few places beat our Reston office for walkability. Step outside the building’s main doors and sidewalks and walking paths abound. You know that ‘popping out’ for a quick errand in an urban setting can take the better part of an hour. But at our Reston location, when you need to run out and grab something in the middle of the workday, you’re able to really do just that. There’s no worrying about finding a spot for your car, remembering whether you can parallel park, actually parallel parking, feeding the meter app, etc. CVS is three minutes away on foot; Whole Foods is four. Just go.


A mere mile away from our Reston location is the Wiehle-Reston East Metro stop on the new(ish) Silver Line. That’s a 15-minute walk in decent weather. Need to get into DC from there? It’s about 45 minutes on a single train — no transfers needed — to the heart of the city. And it’ll cost you less than $5. So pull up your favorite podcast, pop in your earbuds, and have a seat. The entire trip from your workstation at our Reston office to Metro Center can be done in about an hour.

Dining and Entertainment 

There’s so much to do, eat, and see around our Reston location, it’s hard to know where to begin when listing the hot spots. But numerous they are, and a car (see “Walkability,” above) is generally optional given how close our offices are to restaurants, bars, hotels, and more. Have a tired, harried client coming in from out of town? Take a 60-second walk down the street to the Melting Pot for an early dinner. Or maybe you’re in need of a 2 p.m. pick-me-up. The Pumpkin Spice Latte has made its debut once again, so take the five-minute walk from our offices to Starbucks and treat yourself.


Our Reston spot is perfect for meeting clients for another reason; it’s less than 10 minutes from Dulles International Airport. If you’re the one traveling, no more agonizing about how many hours in advance of your flight to order that Uber. Plan an evening flight on a weekday, come into Metro Offices at Reston and get some work done, then head to the airport without worrying about rush hour.

Open Space

We love DC, but there’s something about wide-open space that’s just calming. In the bustling business districts of Washington, space is at a premium and none of it, no matter how small, goes unused. But at our Reston location, if you need to take a mental-health break and be alone for a few minutes, you can probably go outside and stretch your legs or find a quiet seat on a bench without immediately running into 10 other people. Here green space, trees, and views of the sky abound. When you’re ready to come back inside, your desk will be waiting for you.

Looking for flexible, temporary, or shared workspace in the DC area? Browse Metro Offices’ locations today.


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