Start 2019 off Right with a Sweet Deal of an Office

Start 2019 off Right with a Sweet Deal of an Office

If your resolutions for the new year include starting or expanding your own business venture, you’ll be needing flexible, affordable, comfortable and — yes, darn it —stylish office space. Luckily, Metro Offices, the leader in shared, temporary, and virtual office space in the DC area for more than 25 years, has you covered on all fronts.

Right now, in the run-up to 2019, we’ve enhanced our coworking options and expanded our deal offerings so you can finally say goodbye to costly long-term leases (or that dark, tiny extra bedroom by the HVAC that you’ve been pretending is an office).

Here, we lay out the top five ways joining the Metro Offices family now gets you a steal of a deal — in 2019 and beyond.

Member Access Package

As part of our limited-time promotion, we’re offering the cash-saving Member Access package, which gives new members unlimited 9-to-5, Monday-through-Friday access to any of our nine Washington and DC-area locations (Metro Center, DuPont Circle, Farragut North, Chevy Chase, Arlington, Reston, Tysons, Dulles and Fairfax) for just $100. Forego a daily Starbucks run for just two weeks and our promo will have paid for itself.

Kiss 2018 Goodbye Early

Those who join now will get the Member Access package for the remainder of 2018 — that’s right, more than a month — completely free.

Office Experience Without the Office

Maybe you’ve been using a workspace option already but are still considering a permanent space because you worry that the lack of a mailing address will scare off potential clients of your business. Fear not. Using Member Access in conjunction with our business address, phone-answering, and mail services creates an office experience for you and your clients (and potential clients) for just a fraction of the cost of a traditional office lease. In fact, you can compare the prices yourself here with our trusty calculator tool.

Bundle the Savings 

Right now, when you choose Member Access and our virtual-office offerings, we will bundle the services and give you a discount. There’s no need for the long wait times that almost always accompany the opening of a private office space, either; our trained customer-service technicians and whiz technology team will have you up and running overnight. (So yes, you can start choosing your dream office stationary design now.)

Amenities on Amenities 

If “shared office space” conjures images of dozens of people crammed at a single long table in dimly lit space, think again. With our Member Access package, not only will you have the run of any of our nine locations’ shared spaces, you’ll get unlimited gourmet coffee, tea, and filtered water and access to our buildings’ tenants-only, state-of-the-art fitness centers and locker rooms. Did we mention our shared spaces are comfortably appointed? Take your pick of space type — huddle room, lounge area, bar, rooftop — and get our lightning-speed Wi-Fi in all of them.

No car? No problem. Hop on Metro to easily access any of our District spots. Working on a tight deadline with no time for a long lunch? Foodie-approved food trucks abound. What are you waiting for? Browse our locations and start out 2019 with our attractive Member Access package.

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