Blended Workforce: Fusion of Telework Solutions, DC Office Space Propels Government Contractors to Success

Blended Workforce: Fusion of Telework Solutions, DC Office Space Propels Government Contractors to Success

It takes a specialized combination of solutions to enable government contractors to achieve the necessary flexibility and productivity to successfully work remotely. Blended Workforce Solutions provides a method for federal workers to streamline projects and keep productivity high in a constantly changing business environment. Although federal agencies can experience diminished productivity due to government financial changes, political concerns, and even weather catastrophes and other disasters, the right solutions can keep them on-task, regardless of what’s going on around them.

The goal of Blended Workforce Solutions is to help DC government contractors to increase performance levels, win new contracts and surpass business goals. Taking into consideration contractors’ unique need for flexibility, information security, privacy and the ability to access essential information anytime, anywhere, Blended Workforce provides three innovative solutions:

1. On-Demand DC Office Space

With on-demand DC Office Space or Executive Offices, government contractors can find available Washington virtual office space, DC meeting rooms and training rooms in convenient locations throughout the DC Metro Area, including Maryland and Northern Virginia. On-demand access means DC government contractors select a location that is closet to their clients or homes and reserve only the office space they need when they need it.

Less commute time means more time to get work accomplished which promotes better job performance. Because these physical office spaces come with trained administrative support and receptionist staff, agencies also save money on staff costs while maintaining a high level of professionalism and service.

2. Innovative Telework Technology

DC government contractors can have access to the latest in cutting-edge telework technology enabling them to obtain all the information to do their jobs effectively, regardless of where they are working. Whether they prefer to work in a home office or local coffee house, employees utilizing telework solutions are instantly connected and primed for productivity.

3. FlexDesk Office Solutions

With recent Telework legislation paving the way for more federal workers to utilize telework, there is a need for solutions to streamline the transition to telework while keeping productivity high. FlexDesk Office Solutions provide flexible space requirements plus telework technology and services to make working outside of a permanent office hassle free and secure. FlexDesk provides workers with access to physical workplaces for a specific number of hours each month. Depending on the clients’ business needs, there is an option of access to a workstation for 40 hours per month or the choice of 24/7 access for round-the-clock convenience.

With these three pieces in place, DC government contractors have everything they need to meet and exceed business goals. DC meeting rooms and training rooms help to promote a professional image, while affordable solutions help contractors to meet budget requirements.

Blended Workforce Solutions provide a budget-friendly and practical option for federal agencies that are closing their offices due to budget cuts or those  just seeking ways to meet budget constraints. On-demand DC office space fills in the gap so there is no need for a separate office purchase or lease.

The three aspects of the Blended Workforce model work harmoniously to provide DC government contractors with real and useful alternatives to a traditional office. As flexibility and productivity increase, federal agencies using Blended Workforce Solutions are encountering business growth even when the economic environment is uncertain.

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