DC Telework Benefits Federal Agencies, Businesses on Many Different Levels

DC Telework Benefits Federal Agencies, Businesses on Many Different Levels

In addition to a call from the Federal government to federal agencies and government contractors to increase telework efforts, telework makes good business sense on a variety of levels. This new emphasis on teleworking will alleviate numerous issues businesses are currently experiencing.

Budget Constraints

Budgets are tighter than ever for businesses across country in nearly every industry. The economy is still in a state of recovery, and businesses are seeking ways to cut costs without decreasing services to customers. By utilizing available telework technology, businesses can ensure workers have all of the tools they need to complete business as usual without having to maintain a large office facility. Businesses can either significantly downsize their office space or go “office-less,” utilizing a combination of telework solutions and on-demand DC office space and meeting rooms to conduct all necessary business tasks.

Continuity of Operations

When bad weather or another type of disaster strikes, companies need to be able to operate fully and provide services even when they cannot make it to the office. Having a telework program in place enables government contractors and employees to keep the government or business running smoothly, even when there is chaos in the outside world.

Green Business Practices

The Federal government and other businesses around the country are focused on finding methods to operate optimally in ways that are less detrimental to the environment. Telework allows employees to significantly decrease commuting, which reduces energy usage and air pollution. Additionally, telework reduces office waste by decreasing the number of employees taking up space and utilizing the office on a day-to-day basis.

Now is the time for federal agencies and businesses to experience these benefits and more through telework solutions. For companies who are establishing telework programs for the first time, support services are already in place to make the transition from office-working to working remotely as smooth as possible.

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