DC Meeting Spaces and Blended Workforces

DC Meeting Spaces and Blended Workforces

Blended workforces have become the new norm for most organizations across the country. Because of globalization, a typical company will now not only consist of full time employees, but also consultants and independent contractors who are necessary in the day to day continuity of business.

This isn’t a trend that will go away anytime soon, as it has proven to be a successful solution for companies to stay afloat during tumultuous economic times. The most important advantage to the blended workforce solution is that it allows organizations to possess a sense of flexibility in the business world like never before.

Why would a company choose to have an on-demand workforce?

Global Competition
New Technology and Products
Changing Business Strategies

An on-demand workforce gives companies a dynamic and ever changing pool of talent, where they can pluck, as needed, the people they require for each aspect of business. Basically, organizations can increase their skill set exponentially through having contracted workers. It’s a powerful way to stay ahead of the game globally by having a rotating set of talented workers. Businesses can be at the forefront of new technology and product development by hiring the best in those fields for research and development. And they can always ensure they have a healthy amount of young workers who bring fresh perspectives to the table when it comes to evolving business strategies (for example: the use of social media as a marketing tool is something the younger generation has a firmer grasp of, compared with older generations).

This is where Metro Offices comes in. Many of our DC meetings spaces consist of blended workforces. For our locally based government contractors, we provide a space with cutting edge technology and other workforce solutions to ensure your productivity is always maximized, and not subject to the fluctuations of the business world. You can choose from our executive spaces, a flex desk, or a wide range of telework solutions.

Our Blended Workforce Model will give you all the tools necessary to get your job done, while eliminating the cost and hassle of having your own office space. We have plenty of space and infrastructure to accommodate your business as it shrinks or expands, depending on how many employees you require. So, spend less money and gain more productivity!

Contact Metro Offices today to find out more about our Blended Workforce Model!

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