Washington DC Meeting Space For GenNext Media

Washington DC Meeting Space For GenNext Media

One of Metro Offices most loyal clients is GenNext Media, which began two years ago in the home office of founder and CEO Christ Marentis. What began as a one man operation quickly grew into a substantial company that required more space than the kitchen table could offer. What Chris needed was a prime DC office space.

Chris saw Metro Offices as the perfect option for his Washington DC office space. The outstanding technology that they provide in addition to convenient locations all over the DC Metro area were important components for growing his business. For Chris, the biggest determining factor was the instant credibility his company gained through having an office with Metro Offices. Not to mention the additional administrative services that he had access to without dipping into his company budget.

What makes Metro Offices stand out? For Chris, it is how the team at Metro Offices acts like an extension of his own team. He has a full administrative staff at his disposal, a professional receptionist answering his business phone calls, and the personal attention he would expect from his own colleagues. They make it a point to get to know your business right away, so they can serve you in the most efficient way possible. According to Chris, this is what makes Metro Offices stand out from their competitors.

Metro Offices has been paramount in accommodating GenNext Media as they grow. Not only can they add more office spaces as needed, but they are on the cutting edge of technology and office space solutions which means that GenNext is able to connect to people from all over the globe, and project an image of being larger than they actually are, without having to fork over thousands of dollars in the process.

In the video, Chris mentions how important the meeting rooms are to his business. He had been preparing for a big investor meeting for several weeks when the night before he realized he didn’t have any printed copies of the presentation. This sent him into a panic, as he realized he didn’t have time to do it himself ,but the copies were necessary should something go wrong with the slideshow. He sent an email to the office manager at Metro Offices, asking her if she could make some copies for him. She immediately took care of the issue, also inquiring if he needed color and if he wanted the books bound as well.

It’s that special attention to customer service that keeps clients like GenNext Media loyal to Metro Offices.

Watch the full video here.

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