Do you really care about impressing your clients?

Before you even cater to the needs of your clients (and sell!), your company needs to make a great first impression – being the maker of a product or the provider of the service. First, it is important to train the people who will be working with you because their capabilities, or lack thereof, will reflect on you as their boss and on the company as a whole.

Next, your company profile is crucial because this is where the prospective customers get initial idea about your business. Through your credentials, you can invest on your credibility.

Another aspect that you should give priority to is the area where you conduct your operations. Oftentimes, your location tells the sort of service a customer or client will get from you, so it is important to have a presentable workplace if to give the impression that you are capable of providing them superior results.

An article from has another take on how to get noticed:

Yes, this is a grand opening, but you don’t want your grand opening event to fall on the same day you open your doors to the public for the first time. Give yourself five to 14 days of full-time operations to work out any kinks, inconsistencies or problems that will only manifest once you start working your business.

Also, think about the decorations you will use for the exterior of your business. Use anything that will support your brand, attract the right kind of attention and get people into the grand opening.

Whether what you have is a small venture or you are someone involved in a professional practice and trying to penetrate a much larger and diverse demographic like Washington DC, this is a better time to attract attention to your business. Start by getting a professional DC office space that will give your business the impression of competence and good stature.

Metro Office offers the ‘Shared Office Space’ service as well as Executive Office Suites in Washington DC complete with all the features you need to run your business operations smoothly. You will get access to meeting rooms fitted with cutting-edge technology features for video conferencing and the like. We also have our administrative assistants standing by for support. Not only that, we also have Training Rooms (which can seat up to 35 people) complete with LCD projectors, whiteboards and flip charts, polycom speaker phone systems, WiFi and catering.

Metro Office knows what works for you to make a great first impression for your business.

(Article Excerpt from How to make the most of prep time before your business grand opening, Washington Business Journal, June 7, 2014)

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