Embrace Your Creativity and Master the Negativity

Embrace Your Creativity and Master the Negativity

Creativity is the skill that allows for innovation, which in turn leads to the discovery of more effective solutions to old problems. It is something to embrace and fully use. Unfortunately, creative solutions are often met with dread, sometimes even aggression.

Embrace Your Creativity and Master the Negativity | Metro Offices

Creativity inspires change. People claim they deem change as important. Truth of the matter is, most people see change as risky, as they would rather stick to conventional ways when tackling a problem. Dr. Lynne Vincent, who co-authored ‘Outside Advantage: Can Social Rejection Fuel Creative Thought?,’ published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology says, “Being creative is going to be associated with a lot of failure.”

Studies show that creative individuals often experience social rejection. Regardless if you work as a graphic designer, a writer, or at an IT help desk in Washington, DC, rejection “can harm memory and learning, reducing both our executive control and our self-regulation,” says Vincent. Then again, there are ways to combat negativity and use it to your advantage.

Break Free

To come up with a fresh approach to things, find a way around the norm. If you break free of norms and decide to go beyond expectations, you can come up with novel solutions down the line.

Assert Your Individual Identity

“In organizations, it’s very easy to identify with the company to the point where you identify as an employee first, instead of an individual who happens to work at said company,” Vincent says. This is normal for any company, regardless if you meet clients personally or rely on video conferencing services in Washington, DC. This group mindset can cause you to accept practices and companies as a fact. Knowing and recognizing your individual identity allows you to challenge existing information and find new, creative ways to tackle problems.

Look for Other Like-Minded Individuals

Connect with people who respond to and encourage creative thinking. You can all become part of a support system that helps one another in cultivating ideas. Be sure to initiate and apply them.

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