Executive Offices for Entrepreneurs

Executive Offices for Entrepreneurs

Why do entrepreneurs see the value in on demand workspaces? Better than hearing it from us, we interviewed one of our very own clients, Chris Marentis of Gennext Media, for a first hand account.

When Chris first started Gennext, the company was a two-person operation based out of his home. Like most home-based entrepreneurs, as his business grew he realized he needed a larger space that would accommodate his particular needs. He started shopping around for alternative workspace solutions that would provide his company with the instant credibility that comes with a DC area address in a Class A building. Chris’ search led him to Metro Offices, where he found immense value in their cutting edge technology and convenient locations in the Metro area.

Chris wasn’t interested in spending his money on things like a receptionist, extra office space or administrative staff. Metro Offices’ shared workspace model fits his needs because he only pays for what he uses, and the added benefits of the term include a virtual phone answering service, business address and access to meeting rooms as needed. He is able to have the luxury of a functioning, fully staffed office for a fraction of what it would cost on his own.

Chris can spend his time on growing his business, not building an office space.

Staying ahead of the competition is every startup’s desire – and the workspace solutions offered by Metro Offices gives you that capability.

See the full video here.

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