Find the Ideal Washington, DC Meeting Space for Face-to-Face Meetings

Find the Ideal Washington, DC Meeting Space for Face-to-Face Meetings

Despite the convenience of modern communication technology, many find it insufficient to rely solely on online communication for business purposes. To build solid relationships with clients and potential investors, one needs to establish a more personal link that allows both parties to find common ground. As Shawn Hessinger writes in an article for Small Business Trends, face-to-face interaction still matters for quite valid reasons.


Face to Face Meetings Command our Full Attention

In the age of multitasking, social communication and even important business email is likely to be happening at the same time we’re proofreading the latest blog post, listening to a podcast, watching part of a video, etc.

This is another reason face to face meetings are still important, writes Rieva Lesonsky, quoting from research on the subject.

Multitasking makes it unlikely we will have long term memory of the things we see and hear. Face to face events on the other hand stimulate our cognitive functions resulting in greater open mindedness and creativity, Lesonsky writes.

The challenge, then, is to command someone’s full attention, particularly if you’re meeting for the first time. Whether you’re addressing just one individual or a roomful of people, you need to ensure a professional atmosphere that’s free of any distractions. If you’d like to impress new clients or investors, you might want to book a fully-equipped Washington, DC meeting space.

The ideal meeting venue should be conducive to interaction and must have the necessary equipment on hand—such as projectors, flip charts, and white boards, for instance. Likewise, you need to ensure sufficient privacy; otherwise, the meeting might as well take place in a crowded restaurant, with a bunch of strangers eavesdropping on your presentation. Finally, see to it that all the tools you need actually work. You certainly wouldn’t want to give a lackluster presentation that fails to pack a visual punch simply because the overhead projector is busted.

Today’s technological advancements offer effective ways to operate businesses more seamlessly. However, nothing can compare to face-to-face meetings that engage all parties involved in meaningful interaction. Trusted companies like Metro Offices manage the type of ideal meeting space in Washington, DC that allows you to impress and get your message across in a professional setting.

(Article Excerpt and Image from 5 Ways Belly-to-Belly Meetings Are Better for Business, Small Business Trends, 10 October 2013)


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