Four Amenities that Can Make Your Workspace More Comfortable

Four Amenities that Can Make Your Workspace More Comfortable

Enjoying what you do for a living will make you want to get up and go to work most mornings. For those other mornings, office perks are likely to do the trick. Whether it’s hot, fresh coffee on demand, a sunny spot to park your laptop or the ability to step outside and take your pick of dozens of places to eat and things to do, chances are Metro Offices and our nine locations in and around DC have your must-have office amenity. Below, we share some of the top comforts of Metro Offices spots.

Natural light

Exposure to natural light brings myriad health benefits: a decreased likelihood of seasonal depression, better sleep, and a dose of vitamin D, with its cancer-reducing, bone-preserving powers. There’s another benefit, one with particular relevance for employers and employees; it can make people more alert. Metro Offices locations all boast plenty of access to natural light. With large windows (and lots of them), as well as rooftop-patio access, our spots have no shortage of opportunities to get a healthy dose of those life-giving rays.


Constantly available, fresh, hot coffee and tea and cold, filtered water may not seem like good reasons to love your office, but workers frequently consider free beverages a top perk of their workplace. Here at Metro Offices, we’re firm believers in staying hydrated (and caffeinated). That’s why our memberships come with unlimited access to coffee, tea, and water. Just grab a mug!

Spacious, outfitted kitchen area

Speaking of mugs, Metro Offices’ nine District-area spaces have fully equipped, modern office kitchens. Brought lunch from home? Pop it in the fridge till noon. Didn’t get around to eating that burrito you bought at a food truck an hour ago? Heat it up in the microwave. With plenty of counter space, TVs, and eating spaces, the kitchens at our locations will make dining at work a cinch.

Central location 

With Metro Offices’ spots, you’re never too far from reliable public transportation or good, fast, affordable food. And what else, really, can you ask for in an office space? Our Metro Center location connects directly to the Metro’s Red Line, so you don’t even need to go outside between exiting your train and arriving at work. The same goes for our Tysons Corner location, which connects to Greensboro station on the Silver Line. Our Chevy Chase office is less than a minute’s walk to the Friendship Heights Metro stop.

What about dining? We’ve got you covered there, too. Just walk out the front doors of our Metro Center address and you’re sure to be greeted by at least 10 highly popular food trucks, some of them even critically acclaimed. They have everything from crepes to gourmet hot dogs to Hawaiian cuisine, so you can truly take your pick. With prices for a filling meal in the $10 range, eating fresh, tasty grub at work was never more budget-friendly.

Still weirded out by the thought of food cooked in a vehicle? Metro Offices’ locations are all just a quick walk, Uber or Metro trip away from numerous well-known eatery and cafe chains.

When you are looking for affordable, centrally located DC office space with numerous conveniences and all the comforts you crave, browse our locations to find your perfect space!


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