Get Your Virtual Office Space in Washington DC

Get Your Virtual Office Space in Washington DC

You may not have the type of business where you need a full time office space Monday through Friday, 40 hours a week. But what if you still require a professional space from time to time? What if you need a go to location for client meetings, or don’t want to put your home address on your business cards?

Metro Offices Virtual Office plan may be perfect for you! With our plan, you get the following:

  • A receptionist to answer your phone calls
  • A prestigious address close to the White House (put this address on your business cards and have your mail sent here!)
  • Several conference rooms and private meeting rooms available on demand for client meetings

This virtual office space in Washington DC plan is also a great workplace solution for those of you who find yourselves away from your regular office but need a practical solution for being productive when “on the road” or away from your desk. Not only do we provide fully equipped offices and conference rooms with video conferencing equipment, but you also have access to our business lounges (have a cup of coffee and use our high speed Internet) or take advantage of our business services center where our friendly staff can help you with any administrative tasks you need accomplished – copying, printing, binding, etc!

The goal at Metro Offices is to help your business put forth the most professional face possible, while maximizing your productivity. We will ensure your company stays competitive in this global market!

For more information about securing a virtual office with Metro Offices, leave a comment or contact us here!

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