Go for virtual office and keep the health coverage

Go for virtual office and keep the health coverage

Employee health insurance in Maryland has been fairly affordable for most small business owners. That’s why this has allowed employers to provide the best health care coverage to make their workforce contented and happy. However, according to a report from the Baltimore Sun online, insurance providers are now proposing an increase:

Major health insurer CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield has asked the state to let it increase its rates in the individual marketplace by as much as 30 percent on average next year…

The rates posted today are proposed, not approved,” said Maryland Insurance Commissioner Therese M. Goldsmith in a statement.

When the state does make a final decision, likely in late summer, it won’t affect most Marylanders. At stake are the rates for people who aren’t covered by larger employers — those who buy coverage individually and those getting it through a small employer. That includes coverage purchased via Maryland’s health insurance exchange.

Even though it’s just a proposal, small businesses should plan ahead and come up with a solution that would sustain employee benefits without sacrificing your business’ revenue. The best way to do this is by cutting down on some unnecessary office expenses, or better yet, you can utilize a virtual office space in Maryland that will significantly decrease your operational expenditures without affecting office productivity.

Running a virtual office means that you don’t have to pay for expensive office spaces, no utility bills, no maintenance costs, and other expenses that usually burdens you when running a traditional office. You stand to save money that you can instead use to provide for other more important needs, like the health insurance of your workers.

If you’re looking to set up your virtual office in Maryland, you can call Metro Offices. Just give us a ring to know more about how you can benefit from a virtual setup and why it is becoming to be a practical choice for most businesses today.

(Article Excerpt from State releases proposed rates for individual-market, small-business health insurance, Baltimore Sun, June 6, 2014)

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