How to get a fool-proof IT setup for your business

How to get a fool-proof IT setup for your business

With today’s modern approach in operating businesses, no one can deny that computers are probably the most essential office equipment. Technology has so advanced momentously these past few decades that almost all big industries, small scale businesses, and government offices are armed with computers to significantly enhance the workforce’s productivity.

However, as all things progressive, business computer systems also come with a negative side. Unprotected computers are an easy target for hackers wanting to steal sensitive business and personal data such as social security numbers, bank account and credit card details, tax information and addresses. This report from is just an example how hackers are creating havoc in the business community:

Computer owners are being encouraged to run security tests on their machines within the next two weeks to ensure they have not been infected by two hacker networks that were seized this week by international law enforcement agencies.

The malware-driven network, called “Gameover Zeus,” lifted banking credentials from up to 1 million infected Microsoft Windows computers, according to the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency.

The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch reports the U.S. is home to the highest percentage of Gameover Zeus infections, at 13 percent, according to the Symantec security company.

A second network, using Cryptolocker malware, took command of more than 234,000 computers, demanding ransom payments to unlock files.

Despite the network takedowns, computer owners are scrambling to protect their machines and data.

Small businesses in DC, especially those in online trading businesses, are also a favorite target for hackers. Once they get their hands on sensitive data, they’ll be able to drain bank accounts or run up charges on your customer’s credit cards. And this could mean legal trouble for your business, ruining your reputation.

To prevent hackers from infiltrating your business computer systems, what you should do is set up a meeting with IT security consultants and come up with a fool-proof PC protection. If your office doesn’t have the right facilities for this, you can just rent a meeting space in Washington DC that is fully-equipped with all the things needed to get your tasks done.

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(Article Excerpt from Only two weeks to protect your computer,, June 6, 2014)

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