Helpful Tips on Ensuring Meaningful Meetings

Helpful Tips on Ensuring Meaningful Meetings

For most people, meetings can be tedious and endless affairs. In fact, these are often considered the least productive business activities. A meeting should have a positive impact in your staff’s morale. It should make everyone understand where the group is coming from, and where it is headed.


What most people do not realize is that meetings can be empowering. These are a great way to communicate with your co-workers and develop work skills. In addition, meetings can boost morale, especially if the presenter knows what he or she is doing.

Metro Offices, the top company that offers meeting space in Metro Center, Washington DC, gives these six simple steps for more effective meetings:

Keep it short
Make your meetings brief. Nobody wants to be stuck in a long and boring meeting when they have more important things to do that day.

Go straight to the point
Set a clear objective. Go straight to the point, focus on specifics, and define their purpose.

Invite only those integral to the goal
Every time you call a meeting, take the time to think who you will need to be there. You do not have to invite everyone on staff.

Start on scheduled time, end on scheduled time
Stay on your schedule. Keep in mind that most of the people in your meeting might have a report to get back to later that day.

Do not allow gadgets in the meeting room
Smartphones and tablets will just be a distraction in the meeting. Make sure that everyone is focused on the agenda.

Follow up
After a meeting, some may not have the same interpretations, as you would like in the meeting. Make sure that everyone is on the same page by e-mailing a reminder. Highlight what was talked about and what was accomplished in the meeting.

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