How To Be More Likable (Part One)

How To Be More Likable (Part One)

We have all encountered those incredibly likable people – the shining stars who walk into a room and it instantly lights up. The people who smile at you, and you know it’s sincere. The people you want to talk to, because they are genuinely interested in what you have to say. These incredibly likable people who breeze through networking events, making friends and establishing contacts with virtually no effort.

How do they do it?

There are 6 key traits that you will notice they have in common:


They don’t assume an intimidating posture that makes you reconsider whether or not you should go up to them. They are open. They smile. They bend slightly forward, and even take a step toward someone approaching them. This eliminates the “you must come to me” power move, and makes a clear statement that they feel honored to be in your presence.


Touching is a highly underutilized skill in communication. But it’s important because touch “breaks down natural barriers and decreases the real and perceived distance between you and the other person–a key component in liking and in being liked.” (source)

Try this next time you’re introduced to someone: take a step towards them, shake their hand, and with your free hand, gently grab on to their forearm. It’s a physical way to solidify your sincerity at meeting them. If that’s a bit too bold for your taste, then the next time you walk up behind someone you know, touch them lightly on the shoulder to get them to turn around.


Likable people are masters at getting you to talk about yourself without you even realizing it. They ask direct, pointed questions that can spiral into deep discussions about your philosophies and why you make the choices that you do. And they are so genuinely interested in what you have to say that before you even realize it, you will be very comfortable sharing intimate details of your life with this person.

Almost always, they will never jump in and offer unsolicited information about themselves. These moments are all about you. And you will leave the conversation thinking about what an incredible individual you just met.

Do you notice any of these traits in yourself? Can some of these traits help you at networking events, or gaining the trust of your clients?

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