How To Implement Telework for Your Business

How To Implement Telework for Your Business

While telework is commonly referred to when discussing pandemic health emergencies and other times of national crisis requiring people to stay out of the office, it is emerging as a practical way to increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction and cut business costs. When considering how to implement telework into daily business practices, it is essential to identify the tools and services available to help your company or organization leverage telework to the maximum benefit of both employees and company operations.

Telework is the key to flexibility in the workplace and it creates opportunities for better employee performance thanks to cutting-edge technology that allows employees to work from anywhere they have Internet access. From home-based businesses and start-ups to large corporations and government contractors, telework connects employees with all of the information necessary for them to do their jobs completely through use of a VoIP platform.

Employees who have the freedom to work from their home office, the local coffee shop, or the airport using telework services are able to increase their available time for work. Rather than having to face lengthy commutes that tend to creep in on work time, employees can get down to business without delays, because they have everything they need at their fingertips.

Making Telework Work


Once a company has the proper telework services support in place, the transition to working remotely will be effortless. Telework packages incorporating Unified Communiations, Follow Me/Find Me phone technology and other necessary communications features such as voicemail to e-mail, long distance and answering services provide teleworkers with the tools required to conduct business as usual.

Although working remotely is ideal for most day-to-day business functions, having access to a professional office setting and meeting rooms will help to provide for those times when face-to-face communication is needed. Telework services provide on-demand access to fully-equipped meeting rooms, guest offices, virtual clubs and lounges, so the full range of business needs are met, maximizing the teleoworker’s time and the company’s budget.

Telework Benefits Businesses and Employees


Companies, organizations and government agencies that have incorporated telework into their business plans are finding the benefits are numerous:

  • Employees are better able to concentrate on work activities, avoiding common disruptions of office life.
  • Businesses can utilize more of the employee’s time for work when the commute time is out of the equation.
  • Employees decrease use of leave-time, because they have the flexibility to easily work around doctors’ appointments, sick children at home, and other unexpected circumstances.
  • Businesses decrease their carbon footprints, creating less greenhouse  gas emissions, because fewer employees are on the road with fuel-guzzling cars.
  • Employees who telework tend to be more satisfied with their jobs because they are able to better balance work and life. Employee satisfaction means decreased employee turn over rates.

Now more than ever businesses are seeking innovative ways to increase productivity and cut costs, and telework provides real solutions for achieving these goals. Connecting with qualified telework support services guides you regarding how to implement telework into your unique business structure, so you can create a customized telework services package that is right for your company.

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