How to Support a Ten Person Workforce for $1,000 per Month

How to Support a Ten Person Workforce for $1,000 per Month

Business owners are continually seeking ways to cut costs while keeping productivity high. From large corporations and government contractors to small home-based businesses and start-ups, Telework provides a way to meet these goals through smart business solutions, including innovative technology platforms and easy-access to conference and training rooms. For $100 a month, one employee can have all the tools he or she needs to work remotely.

The costs of running a DC Metro Area small business or corporation are on the rise. Leasing or owning the office space is just one of the outrageously expensive items draining the company budget. Add to that the cost of office furniture and décor and facility maintenance, and the income necessary just to break even each month may be out of reach.

Telework offers a practical solution to this problem by providing Washinton DC business owners a way to keep their employees working optimally without requiring the ownership or leasing of an office building.

Thanks to Metro Office’s partnership with Officescape—the largest telework provider in the country—DC Metro Area employees can work from anywhere they have Internet capability, accessing all essential information through use of a VOIP platform. Furthermore, these Telework packages for $100 per person per month include membership to all Metro Office locations and access to:

Telework makes it easier and more affordable than ever to run a business in Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland. For more information on Telework, Executive Office Spaces, FlexDesk and other cost-effective business solutions visit Metro Offices online at

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