Telework Increases Productivity and Improves Employee Morale

Telework Increases Productivity and Improves Employee Morale

As employers are focusing on making their businesses as streamlined and cost effective as possible while increasing productivity, Telework is emerging as a practical business solution.

Long gone are the days when it was essential to have all employees at work under one roof—thanks to technology like FlexDesk and Virtual Offices. Employees can have access to all vital information they need to perform anywhere they have Internet access. Not only does this skyrocket productivity levels, but employee morale improves because they are no longer tied to an office building or cubicle day in and day out. They have the freedom to work in a variety of locations that are most comfortable for them, which has been shown to keep employees happier and more loyal to their employers.

Rather than spending an hour or longer during the morning commute, working parents can see their kids off to school and log-on to work to immediately begin their work day. In today’s fast paced business world, every moment counts and Telework is a way to maximize each minute of the day, saving precious time for employees and businesses alike.

With FlexDesk, employees can have the best of both worlds, working remotely and working in a professional office setting when necessary. They can take a quick trip to the nearest Metro Executive Offices location to access a private furnished office complete with color copy machines, VOIP, high speed Internet, fax line, meeting rooms and even Starbucks coffee—anything needed to accomplish important work tasks efficiently. With locations throughout the Metro DC area, employees save travel time and hassle and can get down to business.

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