Virtual Office Spaces: Solutions to Commuter Challenges

Virtual Office Spaces: Solutions to Commuter Challenges

On Sunday the Washington Post reported that thousands of new commuters will further clog the DC area interstates. Plans to move more than 19,000 defense workers to areas requiring a commute along Interstate 95 are expected to come to fruition in Fall 2011. This issue poses a huge problem to commuters who already suffer through congested traffic to and from work each day. The good news is services including Telework, Virtual Offices, Flex Desk and use of Executive Office Spaces offer practical solutions to business owners and employees seeking ways to skip the commute while increasing productivity.

Rather than spending two or more hours on the road each day tackling the commute, employees who utilize Telework services can get down to business right in their home office, or anywhere they have wireless access. Employees can access all of their vital work information through use of a VOIP platform. Having the ability to work anytime, anywhere significantly increases employee productivity and business productivity as a whole.

While working remotely is ideal for day-to-day work situations, most businesses also have a need to meet in a physical location, which is where Virtual Offices and Executive Office Spaces provide much-needed solutions. Combined with Telework, these facilities offer the best of both worlds to business owners seeking innovative ways to increase employee productivity and continue conducting team and customer meetings as usual.

With the technology available in today’s business world, there is no reason for businesses to continue operating in the same old way- just because that’s the way it has always been done. New times call for new and better solutions. The top businesses today are zeroed in on finding ways to becoming more efficient while utilizing cost-effective methods.

With or without the looming threat of commuter traffic nightmares that seem to be on the horizon in the DC area, incorporating Telework and Executive Office Spaces is the smart, cutting-edge way to do business.

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