Is it Time to Consider a New Office Location?

Is it Time to Consider a New Office Location?

We tend to cling to the familiar—even when it’s clear that it might be time for a change. This is often one of the reasons some entrepreneurs prefer to run their business from home while others find it difficult to leave their first office location. As your business grows, however, you may eventually need to find a better Arlington office space or office space in another part of the Metro DC area. So how can you tell when it’s time to make this change? Here are four signs:


  1. Your demographic target isn’t prominent.

Smart entrepreneurs—even the ones based at home—position their business where the target market is. After all, it doesn’t make sense to set up shop where no one is going to find you – customers, employees, partners, etc. And what was once a hot spot may simply cool. If you notice that old faces aren’t coming back, perhaps it’s time to start looking for a new office space.

  1. The strain of expenses.

When you first started working from home, perhaps you thought you’d be able to save money. But even when you’re managing your business from your home, you still face expenses that can pile up and leave you spending more than you expected. In cases like this, it’s better to consider a more economical work space solution rather than risk spending more money than is necessary for your office space.

  1. You’re too far from your competitors.

Locating yourself near and around the competition might seem naïve at first, but it’s actually a very important tactic. Just by “looking your competition the eye,” you actually benefit from their marketing efforts. Your business could provide a nearby alternative to would-be clients. Confidence—and a great product or service—plays a big part in the success of your business, of course, but it helps to be where the action actually happens. A specific address can make a big difference in your marketing materials and people finding you online.

  1. You want to expand.

Perhaps your business is growing and you want to move the bulk of your operations to a satellite office elsewhere. Expansions can be made even more cost-effective with the right office space in Arlington, VA or other Metro DC locations in Virginia, Maryland or DC. Having choices to locate your business or expand to additional office space is an important competitive advantage if the locations to choose from are in or close to the bustling heart of a technologically advanced and economically sound city—just what your business needs to get a boost.

However you want to work today—moving or expanding—we support that. Our flexible workspace solutions can help. At Metro Office, we offer affordable work spaces that have plenty of amenities. Give us a call today and we’ll show you the perfect workspace package for your business needs.


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