Leading Executive – Use Timeless Principles, Remain Relevant

Leading Executive – Use Timeless Principles, Remain Relevant

There are countless companies specializing in executive services and leadership development. So what makes Leading Executive stand out from the competition? Lynda Alicudo, founder and owner, says it’s all about their unique philosophy when it comes to business:

“Work should be what you’re passionate about. When I wake up Monday morning, I know that I’m not just going to work, but going to fulfill my destiny. I come into the office thinking, ‘How are we going to help someone be successful today?’ I truly believe that there is a seed of greatness that can be planted in every person and organization. Our job at Leading Executive is to plant it, nurture it, and help it grow.”

Lynda Alicudo is no stranger to success – she has been growing successful organizations and individuals for well over a decade. Her entire career has been devoted to the success of Fortune 100 and small emerging growth companies. She also knows that it’s imperative to surround herself with people who share her ideas of joining purpose with passion. She has diligently built a team that understands that the intersection of purpose and passion is where success begins to grow.

But, why have a coach?

Michael Phelps has one. Barrack Obama has one. Moses had one. Great leaders require great support – someone to help push them around the track. One remarkable trait most world class leaders share is taking part in “real time mentoring” through coaching.  Over 86% of companies hire executive coaches for their leaders, and 68% of small to medium businesses employ companies like Leading Executive to help them with their growth.

Leading Executive has a wide range of clients on their repertoire: nonprofit organizations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, technology, government contractors, and advertising and marketing giants.

Leadership Circles is one method Leading Executive uses to develop organizations and individuals. The circles are open to entrepreneurs, individuals, and C Level executives.  Lynda explains the Circles in more detail – “We group people together based on similar roles and responsibilities. Small groups meet once a month in a noncompetitive peer sharing environment. There, everyone has the opportunity to learn from and communicate with experts and with each other. They are also given the chance to take part in a mentoring program that will show them how to apply timeless principles that lead to success.”

Leading Executive believes that true success can only come through linking spirituality, marriage and family, business and career, finances, health and well-being, and personal interests and passion. All of these factors must be in alignment for successful growth to take place. Lynda acknowledges that the growth she sees in her clients is directly related to her company’s holistic approach to success for both organizations and individuals. Read more about Leading Executive here.

Metro Offices has been imperative in helping her business achieve success. “They allow us the flexibility to expand and contract, and give us the mobility we require when our clients need us to be in different locations. They give us the best facilities to work with, the team is fantastic and they work as if they are an extension of our company.”

For more information about Metro Offices, click here.

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