Three Trends In Telework You May Have Overlooked

Three Trends In Telework You May Have Overlooked

Teleworking isn’t just about saving you from a long commute. Check out three hidden trends of telework below that you may not have considered:

#1 Telework is an important tool when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent.

Think about it – the salaries for most federal workers are frozen. So once they are able to retire, they are going to do it. That will leave a tremendous amount of openings for new hires.

Josh Sawislak, senior fellow at Telework Exchange says “When the economy turns around, all those feds who can retire really will and we will need to find good people to replace them.” (source)

#2 Management resistance is still an issue

Many training programs for telework incorporation are too focused on rules and procedures. Sawislak feels that the emphasis should be placed on management practice instead. Telework involves an entirely different structure system than that of a typical office setting, and most managers are unaware of how to make this a successful transition.

#3 Telework equipment – who pays for it?

A recent telework report revealed that 25% of the equipment is provided by the agency, 25% by the employee, 25% is shared, and the rest falls into an ambiguous “other” category. And most teleworkers are stuck paying for their own broadband access. “What we really need is a better understanding of the drivers, such as, do the agencies that are paying all require the employees to use government equipment?” Sawislak asks. (source)

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