Looking for DC Office Space with a State of the Art Fitness Center? Metro Offices Has It!

Looking for DC Office Space with a State of the Art Fitness Center? Metro Offices Has It!

Virtual Office Solution in Washington DC

Virtual Office Solution in Washington DC

If Washington is the nerve center of the U.S., the Farragut area is the heart of D.C. Just blocks from the White House, the World Bank and iconic Lafayette Square, this neighborhood is teeming with activity, business and political alike. And it’s where you’ll find Metro Offices.

One of our nine D.C. and D.C.-area locations, our Farragut spot on Eye Street between 17th and 18th streets has it all. In addition to a prime address, our Farragut workspace has a state-of-the-art fitness center with everything you need to keep in top shape while you work.

Perfect for Your New Year’s Resolution

The holidays are over, and that means saying goodbye to the surprise appearance all December long of festively wrapped cookies, cakes, and other goodies left in the office lounge by merry coworkers. Resolutions have been made, and if one of yours was to get in shape, our Farragut spot will help keep you to your word. Here’s a mini tour of fitness center amenities.

Cardio for Your Heart Health

Regardless of how well-appointed your office is, hours logged behind a desk can wreak havoc with your heart. Consider our fitness center’s cardio machines as the solution. Treadmills, bikes, and elliptical machines stand ready to help you get into the groove and work up a heart-healthy sweat. With your favorite workout tunes playing on your iPod, you can enjoy a quick workout 24/7 in our fitness center.

Bench Press the Pounds Away

If you’re thinking of getting into good fighting form, don’t miss the weight room. With both free-standing weights and weight machines, there’s something for every fitness mood you may have. Building lean muscle is a great way to melt those extra few inches that sitting at your desk all day has slowly added.

Room to Stretch

Looking for a more contemplative workout? Take advantage of our yoga accessories to both strengthen your mind and body. There’s nothing like a yoga workout to help you re-focus on the tasks at hand and finish the day strong.

Lean and Clean

Is there anything better after a satisfying workout than a nice, warm shower? Our fitness center is equipped with clean locker rooms and showers to ensure that you have everything you need to be business-ready when you leave.  Better yet, all of these amenities are available right in our offices, so you don’t have to worry about leaving the office, finding another parking space, and commuting at all.

Affordable Office Space and So Much More

Though our fitness center is a big draw, what’s even more impressive is the office spaces that surround it. Whether you are looking for a meeting room, a private workspace, or something in between, Metro Offices has you covered.

Metro Offices’ shared, temporary and virtual office-space solutions are amenity-rich and flexible and are often a considerable savings over traditional leases.  Click here to compare what it costs to run your own office with simply letting Metro Offices do the work for you.


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