Metro Offices Employee Spotlight: Alexis Babiarz

Metro Offices Employee Spotlight: Alexis Babiarz

Alexis Babiarz of Metro OfficesAlexis Babiarz is a new face on the Metro Offices team, and describes herself as “the textbook definition of a ‘people person.’” She loves to meet and develop relationships with a wide range of people, and puts her great interpersonal skills to use in her job as Area Front Desk Coordinator. Alexis’s job responsibilities include providing excellent service and support while handling numerous projects and phone calls at our centers at Metro Center and Connecticut Avenue. “The exposure to so many different fields is something I know I wouldn’t find in any other office,” she says.

Alexis believes Metro Offices is set apart from other office space for lease in Washington, DC, because it is a family-owned company. “I can see a difference in the way the company operates as a whole, whether it be attention to detail while communicating with clients or how each center is run. You can see that each client matters. In a day and age where people are so quick to cut corners, this is huge, and something clients have specifically pointed out to me!”

Alexis is a native of Reston and attended George Mason University. Her hobbies include “dreaming big” as she spends every weekend in New York City or Los Angeles pursuing a modeling and acting career. She is proud of her ability to take criticism constructively and turn negativity into something positive. “I try to apply this logic to all aspects of my life,” says Alexis. “This mindset is what landed me the modeling jobs I was told I would never get!” In Spring 2015, a modeling campaign she shot will appear on a billboard in New York City.

When she is not modeling, you can find Alexis surfing. If she could go anywhere for a day, she would go “somewhere tropical with warm water and big waves to surf!” Her favorite food is pizza, and she jokes that she is “still looking for the perfect pie.” Her favorite TV show is Dexter.

Alexis has set a lofty long-term goal: “To lead by example, more specifically: ameliorate poverty, terror and injustice in some of the world’s most economically and socially distressed countries (really).”If she could give others one piece of advice about life, it would be this: “Life is all about the lens in which you see things – and your ability to shift that lens! Perspective changes everything!”

Welcome to the Metro Offices team, Alexis!


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