Metro Offices Employee Spotlight: Jessica Marks

Metro Offices Employee Spotlight: Jessica Marks

Jessica Marks, Director of Workspace Solutions at Metro Offices, isn’t afraid to try something new. The San Antonio native has moved both around the country and around the world in order to experience other cultures and ways of life. “It’s helped to give me balance and the inner peace of knowing that wherever I am is exactly where I’m supposed to be,” Jessica says.

Jessica celebrates her second work anniversary with Metro Offices this October. In her position, she provides entrepreneurs and small to mid-size companies with Maryland and DC office space that meets their current needs while also implementing strategies to accommodate flexibility and future growth. Jessica believes her greatest strength is her ability to “make strong business connections in a relatively short amount of time by understanding how to effectively communicate with a variety of different types of individuals from an array of backgrounds and cultures.”

Jessica greatly appreciates the autonomy and trust given to Metro Offices employees. “Metro Offices allows me the freedom to make decisions that are in the best interest of our clients without having to jump through hoops in order to execute them. I think everyone at Metro Offices feels empowered to do what is reasonable in order to make a client happy.” She believes the company is set apart from other office space for rent in Washington, DC, by its customer service-centered staff, powerful infrastructure, transparent billing and strong leadership.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys spinning, running, giving lectures for entrepreneurs, fashion and nutrition. Her favorite place to dine out is NoPa Kitchen + Bar in DC.

When asked about the one piece of advice she would give others about life, Jessica says, “Find something you are good at and enjoy doing and then focus your energy on how to become GREAT at it. I think in school we are taught to try and be good at all things so we can become a well-rounded individual. To some extent I agree, but I think a much more profound life experience requires delving into something passionately and finding out where your maximum potential lies.”

Thank you, Jessica, for being an important part of the Metro Offices team!


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