Metro Offices Marks 25th Anniversary as DC Office Space Solution

Metro Offices Marks 25th Anniversary as DC Office Space Solution

25On this date, Metro Offices proudly marks its 25th anniversary as a leading operator of business centers in the Metro DC area. Kathlene Buchanan, President and Founder of Metro Offices, opened the first center in Northern Virginia in 1989, sensing a need for customized DC office space staffed with well-trained, highly motivated customer service professionals.

Buchanan believes a combination of factors, each focused on client needs, has led to this milestone. “Our surveys indicate that the key to our success has been choosing the right locations, offering competitive pricing and the dedication of our outstanding client services team to our mission of caring for our clients.”

She acknowledges the significant challenges that have arisen during the company’s history, particularly in recent years. “I think every CEO has been challenged more than usual in the last five to seven years to run an efficient and profitable operation,” Buchanan says. “The view of workspace has undergone major changes in the last five years as workers become increasingly mobile and tech-savvy. Our challenge is to stay ahead of the changing needs of our clients. Their success is our success!”

Buchanan appreciates the meaningful relationships she and the Metro Offices team have developed with clients, many of whom have been with the company for the majority of its history. “I am so grateful for the loyalty of our many clients. That is unique in today’s business world. I can assure you it is something we never take for granted.”

In the future, Buchanan predicts the company will continue to adapt to “more change, a faster pace, mobility and flexibility for the new workforce.” It’s a challenge Metro Offices is eager to take on for another 25 years.

Metro Office marks its 25th anniversary milestone this evening with a special “Party Under the Stars” on the rooftop of One Metro Center, 700 12th Street NW in Washington, DC.

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