Mug Color: Does It Really Influence Coffee Flavor?

Mug Color: Does It Really Influence Coffee Flavor?

Drinking coffee in your tysons va office space as you start work is probably one of the highlights of your day, just like many employees. Metro Offices chose Tysons Corner as one of our business locations because of its accessibility to many restaurants and coffee hubs in the area. With all this talk about coffee, are you aware that the color of your mug has an effect on the taste of your coffee?

White Vs. Blue or Transparent Mugs

The online journal Flavour published a study proving that coffee in a white mug has a more intense flavor compared with coffee in a transparent or blue mug, which exudes a sweeter brew. In two experiments conducted by Australian researchers, 54 participants evaluated several characteristics of coffee served in white, blue, and transparent mugs.

Both experiments showed that mug color has a direct effect on people’s perception of hot beverages. In addition, the researchers say that it is highly possible that the color contrast between the white mug and the brown coffee affected the supposed concentration or bitter taste of the brew.

Bitter or Sweet? Take Your Pick

This study can be beneficial to coffee companies and baristas as it can give them a general idea of how customers will find their coffee. According to, this study was inspired by a discussion with a barista who revealed that coffee from a white mug tastes significantly more bitter than when consumed from a transparent container. We recommend trying this study at home to see if it will yield the same results.

The next time you have coffee in your tysons corner office space, remember that the color of your mug matters.

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