Next Wave of Outsourcing: Workplaces On Demand

Many companies and agencies today are seeking fresh, innovative ways to cut costs while keeping productivity high. We believe “Workplaces On Demand” is going to be the next big wave of outsourcing to meet these business needs. It offers great potential and value to companies of all sizes. Metro recently provided “Workplaces on Demand” for clients with 100 to 200 employees in their own space.
Metro Offices’ Workplaces on Demand provides a turnkey solution including space, furniture, equipment, phone/Internet, and services customized to the client’s needs-all delivered on the agreed upon date. All the client has to do is move-in and start being productive in their business. Metro Offices will also manage the solution and all of the services throughout the term of the contract.

The value proposition is simple. Workplaces On Demand provides the following benefits:

  1. Immediate Start-up
  2. No initial capital required
  3. Finite term lease to match-up with business need
  4. P & L expense rather than capital investment
  5. Allows Government Agencies to avoid the current long, drawn-out process of opening new facilities.

With 20+ years of experience designing and managing office centers, Metro Offices offers unique knowledge and expertise to share with the marketplace. Our Workplaces On Demand service provides our clients a fixed cost and allow them to have terms as flexible as two to ten years. As you know, companies don’t want to get stuck in long term contracts for real estate any longer; they don’t want the burden of outgrowing space too quickly or being stuck in space due to a long term lease that’s no longer a good fit for their needs.

Companies need to be fluid. Why should companies be forced to waste time and resources on on negotiating leases, bidding on furniture and construction contracts, etc.? With Workplace on Demand, they can turn to the experts and have a fixed cost and have it delivered quickly and ready to go.

Workplaces On Demand Supports the Mobile Workforce

Our Workplaces On Demand centers can be designed to support today’s mobile workforce, too. In fact, this is our specialty. Metro Offices has a keen knowledge of the workers’ day-to-day needs, allowing us to anticipate what our clients will need to support their distributed workforce, including flex desks, well equipped meeting spaces, online meeting reservation systems, unified communications, Wi-Fi, etc.

We can help our clients support a mobile workforce and cut their real estate expenses in half while at the same time improve the quality of life of their employees and increase productivity.

For details about what Metro Offices will manage for you (so you don’t have to) through Workplace on Demand, visit


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