Office Space in Herndon, VA in Demand as Tech Districts Grow

Office Space in Herndon, VA in Demand as Tech Districts Grow

Swift innovations in technology continue to drive small and big businesses to expand, resulting in numerous new tech hubs to develop across the country. Though Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Houston continue to be the favored sites for technology heavy-hitters, many new and existing businesses are opting to house in the Washington, D.C. area. In fact, office space in Herndon, VA and surrounding areas are being developed in such a rapid pace to accommodate the increasing demand for adaptive, dynamic work spaces.

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Though industry-specific districts within cities are not unusual, technology business districts are quite unique. Specifically, these districts are designed with cutting-edge planning strategies that allow for flexible space usage. But this development is not without its challenges. A recent article from Greater Washington takes a closer look:

This isn’t to say the city has to pick just one and only one spot within the entire District for tech jobs and only focus on that. There will be different kinds of tech companies that might want different sizes of office space, want to be near other companies of a certain type, and have workers who live in different parts of the city.

But all of these changes—to remove a specific zone for incentives and then add one, to announce one tech hub, then create another, and change plans—is creating whiplash. The city can only create and un- create so many tech hubs before tech policy looks more like a political football than a serious strategy to diversify our tax base beyond the federal government.

Though development of these brand new districts may not be fully fitted in the immediate future, businesses will have to find professional work spaces that suit their needs such as the convenient and innovative Herndon office space at Woodland Park offered by Metro Offices. We offer many convenient solutions to businesses expanding their operations or starting out in their respective industries. Our unique experience and insights ensure that when you rent an office space with us, you’re sure to get exactly what you need for your company to be effective.


Article excerpt and image from “Where is the DC tech hub? It keeps moving” Greater Greater Washington, March 28, 2014

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