On Growing a Company with a Mixed and Mobile Workforce

On Growing a Company with a Mixed and Mobile Workforce

Today, companies are looking for ways to cut costs while maintaining productivity and service quality. Some have to move to smaller offices, while others have to let some employees go. If you’re in the same situation, you’d be glad to know that there are smarter ways to reduce business expenses. You may set up a virtual office space in Maryland or Virginia and create a blended workforce.

What Is a Blended Workforce?

A blended workforce is composed of direct hire employees and contractors. They may work in your office or from home.

Here’s some information about a blended workforce and its benefits to your company:

Get the Work Done with the Right Number of Professionals—Always

Contract staffing gives companies the flexibility of bringing in more professionals when needed. You can keep your core employees to a minimum and still hit your target productivity with the help of contractors who may work from home or in your office only when necessary.

According to research, many professionals prefer this setup as they’re able to explore more opportunities easily. Furthermore, it gives those who are just entering the workforce more chances to gain experience.

With the help of the right agency, it can be a win-win situation for you and your staff.

Reduce Overhead Expenses

For many companies, a huge portion of their expenses goes to employee benefits, office lease, and IT infrastructure.

With contract staffing, you won’t be responsible for providing benefits and paying the employer share of premiums. The staffing firm takes care of these matters for you. In addition, your company won’t incur administrative costs for payroll processing, unemployment claims, workers’ compensation, and paperwork for new hires.

Limit Capital Expenses

You can further reduce your expenses by setting up a virtual office or shared office. You can have your direct hires work with you in your shared office while your contractors work from home. You can also have your entire company telecommute and only meet when needed. With a mobile workforce, you won’t have to worry about not having enough office space to accommodate new contractors (or employees). Furthermore, you won’t have to buy additional equipment, such as computers and desks, only to have them left unused and emptied once your workers’ contracts are over.

A blended workforce can be a permanent solution for your business. CareerBuilder noted that this year, about 42% of employers plan to hire contract workers. In 2020, experts predict that 40% to 50% of the country’s workforce will comprise contract workers.

Grow your business wisely. Enjoy the benefits of working with a blended workforce and reduce your capital expenses by having a virtual office or using a shared office.

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