Options for DC Government Contractors Seeking Affordable DC Office Space

Options for DC Government Contractors Seeking Affordable DC Office Space

The Obama administration’s new focus on healthcare and financial matters is expected to increase the number of jobs available in the nation’s capitol, particularly the number of opportunities for D.C. government contractors. Estimates predict that the number of job openings for this group will increase between 600,000 to 750,000 new positions in the next decade.

The increase, experts say, is expected to involve primarily private sector careers such as professional and business services, and will likely to be fueled by retirements, as more than 300,000 Baby Boomers begin to leave their jobs within the next five to seven years.

Unfortunately, with the national vacancy rate for office space hovering in the neighborhood of 17 percent, rental rates in Washington D.C. are also expected to increase, rising roughly 3 percent from their current rate of around $42 per square foot. Whether you are a newly employed contractor, or an established government employee rising in the ranks, choosing one of Metro Office’s Maryland, Virginia or DC office space locations can help you to spend less time and money on renting office space and more on accomplishing your work.

Locations and Amenities

D.C. contractors whose jobs involving interacting with or working for the movers and shakers in Washington, including members of the White House staff, lobbyists, or public advocacy groups will benefit from an office located at Metro Office’s Farragut Center. Situated less than a mile away from both the White House and K-Street, home to some of the nation’s most influential leaders and thinkers, these offices feature fully equipped meeting rooms, wireless Internet computers, and a range of office equipment.

If you are working for a business that does a significant amount of business with other companies, you would be best served to work from an office located in Metro Office’s main office, which is located at Metro Center. Located in the center of the city’s business district, just steps away from government offices as well as the Washington Convention Center, this office provides D.C. contractors with more than 60 customizable office selections complete with all the amenities required, as well as a lounge and a virtual club.

For more information about  DC Government Contractors Services, DC Meeting Rooms, and other  DC business solutions visit Metro Offices online at www.metroffice.com.

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