Our Range of Meeting Spaces and Their Benefits

Our Range of Meeting Spaces and Their Benefits

A quality meeting room to conduct business in is a staple, whether you are running a startup or a million-dollar company. After all, you cannot conduct a successful business meeting or presentation in a coffee shop, or any other public space. You have to choose a meeting room that inspires focus and clear communication.

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Metro Offices can help you with this. We offer a range of comfortable, high-end meeting rooms in Washington, DC, that can accommodate your specific needs. These include:

1.Collaboration Spaces — This option can provide your team with increased social connection and engagement, enriching their work experience. Our collaboration spaces are available in nine Class A office locations in DC, Virginia, and Maryland. They are perfect for both small and large meetings, company trainings, team-building exercises, and presentations.

You will not have to worry about everyone sitting comfortably—we have Ergonomic Herman Miller® seating for groups of all sizes. In fact, we can configure our meeting space in Washington, DC, according to your specifications. Additionally, this option comes with high-speed Internet and other equipment you’ll need for a smooth and worry-free meeting.

2. Training Facilities — Metro Offices also provides an efficient learning environment for your training sessions. Our fully-equipped training rooms are complete with the latest technology, including high-speed Wi-Fi. They also come with polycom speaker phone systems, LCD projectors, video conferencing, and a reliable support staff. Anything you require for a successful training session is close at hand when you turn to us.

3. Conference Rooms — We can also provide solutions to your conference room needs. Our executive meeting spaces evoke a professional atmosphere — from furnishings and premier amenities to advanced technology and reliable support. We also have an on-site team that will receive your guests, prep your presentation, and coordinate all details of your event. With our conference rooms, impressing prospective clients and partners on how you do business is easy.

When in need of quality Washington, DC, meeting rooms, turn to Metro Offices. We will help you project a professional image and implement productive client meetings and staff training with our selection. All of our meeting spaces are easy to reserve using our 24/7 online booking system.

Do not go for unprofessional public spaces for your meeting needs. Fill out our form today for a free consultation.

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