Prep for Inclement Weather with a Solid Plan and DC Telework Solutions

Prep for Inclement Weather with a Solid Plan and DC Telework Solutions

Everyone in DC remembers last winter’s “Snowpocalypse” and the way most federal agencies and companies throughout the DC Metro Area ceased productivity because no one could make it to work. There was a lot of discussion following that time about how establishing telework programs could prevent such problems in the future. Whether the issue is a snow storm, natural disaster or other work disruptions, telework is truly the answer to keeping a business functioning when the employees cannot travel to the office.

Are federal agencies, DC government contractors and other companies any better prepared now than they were then?

Fortunately, thanks to government legislation the telework wheels are spinning in DC. The most recent passing of the H.R. 1722 bill in the Senate requires federal agencies to determine eligibility of employees to telework and then to establish policies and written agreements for their telework programs within 180 days. The agencies will be responsible for training managers and employees on new telework policies.

Federal agencies can receive support for establishing or expanding telework programs through telework solutions designed to keep employees productive whether they are working in the office or remotely. With features including Unified Communications with VoIP, Follow-me/Find Me phone technology, telephone answering service, call screening and access to DC office space, virtual offices and meeting room locations, telework can not only keep agencies going strong during bad weather but also during day-to-day operations.

The combination of telework support and access to DC meeting rooms and offices means telework employees have the capability to work from home or from a fully-equipped professional location that does not require the long commute typical to workers in the DC Metro Area.

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