Private D.C. Office Space at Farragut Business Center: Position Your Business for Success

Private D.C. Office Space at Farragut Business Center: Position Your Business for Success

Location matters more for some businesses than for others, but it always matters. For co-working spaces, day offices, and other nontraditional office space uses, location is exceptionally important. These spaces are frequently used for meeting with clients, for project teams to get together, and for generally maximizing productivity. The location of a co-working space plays an enormous role in how much users get from their time there.

Office space location confers tangible and intangible support to productivity.

Location and accessibility must be considered together, particularly when multiple people are scheduled to meet at a co-working space. Is it easily accessible by car or public transport? If people will be driving, is parking available? How long a commute will out-of-town clients or team members face to get there? It’s important for co-working spaces to be located in safe, accessible areas, and for some types of businesses, location in a prestigious neighborhood can make a difference as well.

Nearby conveniences and amenities are other critical factors in choosing the best co-working location. The presence of restaurants, markets, and amenities like parks make a real difference in how much people gain from their co-working spaces.

Working in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is not only the nation’s capital, it is a major business hub, and it is a city where the presence of outstanding office space choices can make or break businesses. People are constantly coming and going from the D.C. area, and given its location on the Eastern Seaboard, it’s a prime strategic location for business of all kinds to be transacted.

The federal government, of course, accounts for a large chunk of the business that takes place in Washington, but many other industries are heavily represented as well, including law, nonprofits, lobbying groups, trade groups, public policy institutes, medicine, and technology. Tourism is another major industry in the District. In other words, it’s an ideal location for businesses of all kinds.

In a city like Washington, there are several desirable locations for private office space. The Farragut Square area and K Street Corridor are two prime examples.

Farragut Square

Of course, there are many different neighborhoods in the nation’s capital, and some make more sense for establishing office space than others. Farragut Square is one of the prime business districts in Washington, because of its central location and proximity to several important landmarks and business concentration corridors.

Located in Ward 2, Farragut Square is bordered to the north by K Street, and to the South by I Street. It also abuts Connecticut Avenue and has two Washington Metro rail stops: Farragut North (on the Red Line) and Farragut West (located on the Blue, Silver, and Orange Lines). In short, it is a bustling business district, with plenty of hotels and restaurants, and heavy foot traffic during the day.

The K Street Corridor

The K Street Corridor was practically synonymous with Washington’s lobbying industry for many years. Though there aren’t as many lobbying firms now as there were in the late 1980s, a few major ones are still located there, and K Street is considered one of the city’s most important business corridors. K Street itself is a major east-west thoroughfare from Mount Vernon Square to Whitehurst Freeway, which it undercuts through the Georgetown neighborhood.

K Street features advocacy groups as well as representatives from big banks and the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, an increasing number of Silicon Valley tech companies have placed boots on the ground on K Street so they can flex their economic muscle within the District’s power structure. In fact, tech firms now outspend Wall Street firms in terms of lobbying money. In short, whatever your industry, locating on or near the K Street business corridor is a smart move in Washington.

The Farragut Business Center has a beautiful rooftop terrace.

Office Space at Farragut Business Center

Office space at the Farragut Business Center positions you at the center of goings on in Washington. Located only two blocks from the White House, and just a few paces from K Street, Farragut Business Center is practical as well as architecturally impressive. In other words, it’s ideal for a co-working space or private office space, whatever your industry.

Not only does the Farragut Business Center offer a prime location in D.C., it also has outstanding amenities like a health and fitness center, plus a beautiful rooftop terrace. Whether you’re working alone to complete a career-making project, meeting important clients, or gathering the team for a major initiative, this is the ideal place to do it. And if you’re hosting more than just a client or two, Farragut Business Center has a 75-person conference center. It’s also HUBZone qualified, making it small business-friendly.

The Importance of HUBZone Qualification

Established in 1997, HUBZone encourages economic development and employment growth by providing smaller businesses with more federal contracting opportunities. The federal government aims to award 3% of all federal prime contract dollars to HUBZone-certified small businesses. One of the qualifications for companies competing for contracts under HUBZone is that its principal office must be located within a HUBZone certified area, and Farragut Business Center has this designation, making it another attractive feature for small businesses seeking office space.

Necessary Features for Co-Working Spaces

Farragut Square is one of the prime business districts in Washington.

Choosing a co-working space, day office, or temporary office space is different from choosing traditional office space. First and foremost, the right co-working space must aid productivity. The environment of seriousness that comes from office space in locations like Farragut Business Center can send productivity soaring.

At the same time, the right co-working office space in the right location provides excellent opportunities for professional networking. In Washington, D.C., you won’t find a better location for that than in and around Farragut Square. You’re likely to establish beneficial business relationships that help your business both short and long-term. What’s more, your business will receive more exposure, which can lead to an expanded client base.

Whether you work solo, have a team that meets up periodically, or regularly bring in clients from out of town, the right co-working location confers both tangible and intangible benefits, and this is precisely what Farragut Business Center is designed for.

Your productivity and success in business depend on having an environment conducive to getting work done and setting the right professional tone for your meetings with colleagues and clients. With properties like the Farragut Business Center, Metro Offices provides clients with businesslike, aesthetically forward-looking office spaces designed to maximize productivity while locating our clients in the most beneficial business locations. In addition to the busy Farragut district, we serve many areas in Arlington, VA, and Washington, D.C. Feel free to call us today at (877) 842-6999. We also invite you to browse our locations online. 


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