Questions to Ask Before Contracting Virtual DC Office Space

Questions to Ask Before Contracting Virtual DC Office Space

Before you sign a contract for virtual DC office space, consider the issues that could affect your productivity, budget, or professional appearance. Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, you’re locked into an agreement. Use this checklist to help you remember to ask the right questions and determine if your choice of virtual office space is the best one.

What are the Payment Terms?

Many companies that offer virtual office space require a long-term agreement. But do you really want to be locked into a one-, two-, or three-year contract? What if your needs change during that time? How much money will you lose if you don’t need the office space that often or that long?

A better option might be a month-to-month or even a daily lease. That way you control the cost and you only have to pay for the space as needed.

What Amenities Does the Facility Provide?

Some virtual office space includes nothing more than a desk, chair, and telephone. Is that going to be sufficient for your needs?

Ask for a list of all available amenities. Some of the more popular offerings are onsite administrative support, a virtual receptionist, copy and fax machines, high speed internet access, meeting space, and IT support. Metro Office facilities even include Virtual Clubs. These are areas where you can simply bring your laptop and enjoy “plug and play” capability. If you need a place to work for only an hour or perhaps a day, this is a great feature.

What Type of Staff Members Are On Hand?

One of the biggest benefits of using virtual office space is that you have everything necessary to do business all under one roof – and this extends to personnel. How much time could you save if there were a website designer, concierge, administrative assistant, and a notary just down the hallway? You don’t have to cover their payroll or pay their taxes and benefits; you just pay as you go for their services. This is a key feature of any virtual office worth leasing.

What Onsite Technology is Available?

There’s a difference between budget and high-end virtual office space and this is usually seen in the equipment available onsite. That budget office might not seem like such a great deal if the copier is always on the fritz or the polycom phone doesn’t provide acceptable voice quality. A professional facility, on the other hand, will utilize all the latest technological devices and ensure that staff members know how to quickly diagnose and repair any problems.

Do your homework before committing to a lease on virtual DC office space. The last thing you want to do is be locked into an agreement with a facility that doesn’t provide the necessary amenities, onsite staff, or state-of-the-art equipment. And if you only need an office once in a while, it is very important that you find a company willing to rent space on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis as opposed to annual leasing. With the right virtual DC office, you can truly have it all.

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Kathlene Buchanan is the president and founder of Metro Offices, one of the premiere, women-owned, executive office centers in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. With presence in 8 different locations throughout the capital area, Metro Offices offers a full range of innovative business solutions and advanced technologies to help businesses compete in today’s transitioning business environment. Buchanan has been in the industry since 1979, and Metro Offices has been operating since 1989 with locations in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

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